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Updates from February 2024

Harminder Virk

It's been a month since the major release of AdonisJS v6, and we had a lot going on during this month. Some of the work has been shipped, and some are under the experimental phase and will be released soon.

So, let's recap and highlight all the important changes.

Shipping limiter

The AdonisJS limiter package is used to apply rate limits on HTTP requests or general on any given action.

The rate limiter package was incompatible with v6 during the initial launch. However, you can start using the limiter now with new AdonisJS applications. Following are the links to the release notes and documentation.

Adding back database testing utilities

The utilities to migrate, seed, and truncate database tables during tests were missing during the v6 initial launch. They have been added back, and you can find the links to the release notes and documentation below.

A new ace command to install and configure packages

A small quality of life improvement to install and configure AdonisJS packages using a single node ace add command.

Right now, if you want to use an AdonisJS-specific package, the workflow for configuring it might look as follows.

npm i <package-name>
node ace configure <package-name>

There is nothing unusual about this workflow. However, improving it a little won't hurt either. Therefore, we have added a new add command that performs both steps together.

The command will auto-detect the package manager used by your application and will use it for the installation. You can learn more about it in the documentation.

node ace add <package-name>

Adocasts screencasts go public

The first 29 lessons out of 40 on Let's Learn AdonisJS 6 series on Adocasts are now publicly available for free. If you have been waiting to take your first steps with AdonisJS, these screencasts are for you.

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