Why Adonis

Adonis is a true MVC framework for Nodejs with basics done right. It borrows the concept the of Service providers from popular PHP framework Laravel to write scalable applications and also leverage the power of ES6 to make your code expressive and maintainable.

Route.get('/', 'HomeController.index')

// Define controller
class HomeController {

  * index (request, response) {
    response.send('Whufff, i am using adonis')



  1. Powerful Routing

    Adonis has rich vocabulary for defining routes. Create route groups, define middleware, attach subdomains all with in the matter of seconds.

  2. Ace Commands

    Adonis has it's own command line tool, which makes writing terminal commands easy and intutive. Make a bet, you would had never written terminal commands so easy as Adonis makes it for you.

  3. Error Handling

    Adonis has a beautiful error reporter, which shows development errors right into your browser. Atlast you are writing apps for the browser.

  4. Sql ORM

    Writing database queries, defining models and generating migrations is so fluent, that you really enjoy writing webapps.

  5. Es6 Friendly

    Es6 makes Javascript more object oriented and we quickly joined the journey by introducing Es6 generators, arrow functions and proxies.