Why Adonis

AdonisJs is a true MVC Framework for Node Js. It encapsulate all the boring parts of Web programming and offers you a nice & clean API to work with. Checkout this introductory video to feel right at home.


  • Routing

    AdonisJs has one of the most advanced routing engine with support of groups, named routes, subdomains, and controller bindings.

  • Authentication System

    Inbuilt authentication layer to keep your applications secure with Sessions, JWT, Basic Auth and Personal API tokens.

  • SQL Orm

    AdonisJs ORM ( Lucid ) is an implementation of Active Record. Leave your traditional SQL queries behind and make use of shiny data models.

// importing the base model
const Lucid = use('Lucid')

class User extends Lucid {

yield User.all() // all users
yield User.paginate(2) // pagination
yield User.query().with('profiles').fetch() // with relationships
// importing the route provider
const Route = use('Route')

Route.get('/user/:name', function * (request, response) {
  response.send(`Hello ${request.param('name')}`)
Route.get('/secret', function * (request, response) {
  const isLogged = yield request.auth.check()
  if (!isLogged) {
    response.unauthorized('Login first')

// or with middleware
Route.get('/secret', '...').middleware('auth')